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NatGeo newApril 2013

Lidia Janjic Vukovic – LidyDay Voyage in the role of the Casting Director & Talent Coordinator for National Geographic Channel’s brand campaign: Ultimate Survival Alaska, Doom’s Day Preppers and Wicked Tuna

Lidia: “The casting was amazing; we invited talents in two Croatian cities, Zagreb and Rijeka, and over 400 people attended the casting. 4 days of shooting in different regions of Croatia – Gorski Kotar, mountains fascinating and beautiful. It was snowing in April and the scenery gave us feeling that we were in the middle of Alaska, while our talents acted under “freezing” conditions and had a lot of fun. A short car ride later, nearby Rijeka, the sun showed up and we could sit outside while the talents had a shooting in a genuine looking Cold War bunker … an exciting experience. The grand finale was the open sea in Pula, a shooting day with the fisherman star of Wicked Tuna, Dave Marciano aka Captain Dave - a challenge for the actors and fun mixed up with a great portion of enthusiasm. The director of those 3 spots, Reynald Gresset, thanked every actor personally.

Snowy mountains in spring, beautiful landscapes and the Adriatic Sea with its historical cities nearby created a memorable, adventurous experience for the talents and for the whole crew.”


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