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Location ScoutingLOCATION SCOUTING in Croatia

Imagine the perfect scenery for your feature film, TV commercial, music video, documentary or photo shoot.

LidyDay Voyage assists in planning and executing your project!

The Croatian coast with its beautiful beaches has 1244 islands in the Adriatic Sea. Coastal cities and villages as well as inland cities and small towns with influences of the Greek, Roman, Medieval, Baroque, Renaissance architecture and culture, industrial and urban style, villas, fortresses, castles, interesting buildings and places, coastal roads for your car or bike shooting, mountains and hills, lakes and waterfalls, diversity of landscapes, forests, broad acres and above-average number of sunny days offer a variety of possibilities for many sceneries.

Take a moment to be inspired by the pictures. Our location scouts stand at your disposal and take care of the legal access to filming locations.

We collaborate with interior designers and visual artists who have professional experience in land art.

Discover the beauty of the underwater world! LidyDay Voyage offers special underwater shootings – let the pictures speak for themselves!




LidyDay Voyage offers comprehensive production services in photo, film, video, TV productions and advertising campaigns.

To fulfill all your project demands LidyDay Voyage cooperates with production teams, film crews, technical crews, directors, producers, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, costume designers, stylists, stunt persons, visual artists, music composers and sound designers. Along with these services we offer locations and location scouting, casting with a huge casting database, animals for the shooting, catering, craft services, transport, accommodation services, set constructions, lights & SFX, sound equipment, vehicles (yachts, sailing boats, motor boats, car rental, airplanes, helicopters) and other services connected to production.

LidyDay Voyage
meets a wide range of shooting possibilities in Croatia!